Republican presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina, speaking at the Presidential Family Forum in Des Moines, Iowa, on Nov. 20 told the crowd that she believed “people of faith make better leaders.”

Fiorina continued by saying that, “It’s important to elect a leader of faith who knows more — not less — prayer is necessary in public life.”

She also stated that “faith gives us humility.” The irony of such a statement seems lost on her.

Fiorina is not the only candidate to make such an assertion as of late, as Senator Ted Cruz told a crowd earlier in November that atheists were not “fit to be” leaders.

American Atheists President David Silverman took to twitter and offered Fiorina a chance to explain her statement, but no reply has been given, and it likely won’t given that the statement lands well with Republicans.

While the statements won’t win voters from the Republican candidates from moderate voters, it will strongly appeal to the party base and potentially help set Fiorina up with some points against the race’s current leaders, Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

Fiorina has had trouble finding her footing in the race and appealing to religion has seemed to help Carson a great deal.

Yet, Fiorina may not have made the most ignorant comment of all after Mike Huckabee told the crowd that in the event of a terrorist attack under his presidency, the first person he would call would be God.

Huckabee then turned his attention to secularists and atheists, has he has before in calling them one of the greatest threats against the U.S. saying, “The greatest threat we have is loss of God consciousness, the fact that we don’t believe that we’re ultimately accountable other than to the people that we see.”