Enjoying sex with seductress wife natasha – part 1


Natasha – A Tempting Adulteress Adulteress Natasha was exceptionally horny and it had been a while since her husband Sanjay had fucked her, the last time she inspired him to take her pussy was the evening of her arrival from Ooty after the bash with Bonita and her lover — Bibek, she had come back home and was cheerful to find that Sanjay was still in travel and had not reached home, she immediate tied her hair into a pig tail and got into the lavatory, washed herself — first she cleaned the gaps with a tissue paper, swished her mouth lastly ran the warm water from the hand shower coordinated the stream onto her breasts, brown in shading with dim nipples the mammary match emerged, they pulled in the men to her, past a look at the face, the male would consequently drop his look to the swelling twin globes on her chest and particularly if she somehow managed to wear a decent nylon saree with a nylon blouse, he boobs would upturn and look appealing and influencing Sweety to desire in his psyche for a vibe of hem in his hands immediately and she knew about this ‘quality in her figure, she knew how much this influenced male people and that was what made Sanjay succumb to her, she was no extraordinary magnificence or heavenly attendant like say Bonita was and is yet it did not make a difference, she had the stature, the figure and to wrap things up , a hunger to please men and get satisfied them.

After careful flushing of the cunt inner and ass and obviously the hole in the middle of the ass cheeks and boobs — the cleavage territory, she connected the lotion and enabled the body to sink into the new treatment — she was not done yet, she waited on the chest for some time and after that again got the shower to keep running all over her body and let a large portion of the Body Wash bottle onto her breasts, tummy and obviously the cunt and beneath on her ass richly, let the cleanser wait while she shampooed her hair with the protein filled PRO V P&G Egg cleanser, she utilized hair hues, the most loved was hazel brown thus not long after the cleanser, she did the shading part with the Garnier hues and at this point he Body wash was very much dried on her body and the waiting scent once she washes it this time with he hand shower would be phenomenal — the shower did its job quite well however when the water wight hit her pussy this time, the whore couldn’t avoid the enticement and let the clit get the consideration, the little hood started to ascend in reckoning and it brought back the moments of increased sexual force went thou h with Bonita and her lover, and remembering the erotic moments got her to orgasm in blasts.