Gear That Will Make Life A Bit Simpler For University Students That Have a Child


University or college studies are tough on everyone. Even students that live at home and only study find it hard to pass their grades. Those that work and study are exemplary and those that study raise children and work for a living… Well, there are no words to explain how amazing these students are to accomplish this much at once. Raising kids the right way takes a lot of time and studying takes a lot of time. You cannot really neglect either one of these important factors in your life because neglecting a child is horrid and neglecting your studies means a tough life ahead for everyone. So how do you overcome these obstacles? Well, the right baby gear will help a lot.
Get an all in one car seat
It is illegal to transport your child without a proper car seat but even worse it puts your child’s and your life in danger if you get in an accident and when your child is climbing all over you and fidgeting with your steering wheel while you drive. A good car seat will keep children safe during accidents, reduce arguments between siblings since they cannot get to one another and keep them from annoying you during your drives to university. The all in one car seats reviewed here are terrific for student parents because these car seats are suitable from infancy through childhood, they are comfortable, improves safety, keeps your child secure and even has cup holders that enables kids to enjoy snacking and beverages on long journeys.

Baby swing
You are going to need a lot of study time and unfortunately cannot be there for your child every second of the day or evening. With a baby swing you can however keep your baby content for a short while which gives you a chance to do something for yourself or to tend to studies for a while.

Sensory toys
Babies and small children love to check out new things, feel things, and shake things, taste things and touch things. You should stock up on sensory toys that will keep your child busy with exploring as long as possible. Sensory toys like a play mat, fidgeting toys, a sensory board and electronic toys are great for keeping little ones busy while you study.

The right stroller
With the right stroller you can transport young kids a lot easier and even work out by investing in a jogger type of stroller.

Baby pouch
Baby pouches enable you to carry your baby with hands free so you can do other stuff and keeps tiny babies close by which promotes development and reduces stress.

Child tracker
It can be hard to keep track of young kids and with all the child snatchers out there you have to be careful, especially when you are constantly battling fatigue due to your busy life. A child tracker can be attached around your child’s hand and foot when you go out and will enable you to locate a small toddler easily if they get lost and also prevent kidnapping.