Healthy Foods You Can Prepare in College


It does not mean that just because you are a college student and you are away from your house, it already means that you can live by eating instant noodles all the time. It is okay to eat instant noodles from time to time but if you have the chance to cook food and actually focus on your health, there are some recipes that you have to be familiar with.

Of course, there are times when you just do not have time to prepare. Aside from your school work, you also have to socialize with your friends. You may also have some extracurricular activities that will require so much of your time. You cannot forego your health and your food choices just because you are busy. Check out Gymshark coupon available so you can get a discount on packed meals that will improve your health and fitness. For sure, your body and your wallet will thank you for it.

If you love cooking however and you know that you can always cook in your dorm, here are some dishes you should know how to prepare:

Cookie in a Mug
This is something that can be ideal to eat for breakfast. The fact that it does not require a lot of ingredients makes it highly ideal. The key to making this healthy is by making sure that you are using whole food ingredients like rolled oats and other fruits which you think can be ideal for the taste of the dish. A lot of people like adding simple ingredients like peanut butter and banana. Just place it in the microwave and you will have a healthy and filling breakfast.

Overnight Oats
From the name itself, you can guess where this is heading. You need to place oats in a container, preferably a mason jar and place all the other ingredients that you want. You can choose any type of milk as long as you know that the milk is healthy. Leave the oats overnight and in the morning, you can enjoy something healthy that will make you feel full for a long period of time.

Avocado Toast
If you want to get all the needed healthy fats without sacrificing taste then you can choose to place avocado on toasted bread. Toasted bread is known to be easier to digest by the body and avocado is packed with healthy fat that can make you feel healthier in general. You can add an egg that you have cooked whatever way you want and you can have a great tasting breakfast.

Stir Fry Vegetables
You can add no matter what vegetable you want. You may even add a type of meat if you feel that vegetables are too bland. A lot of people love adding tofu. Just add a bit of oyster sauce or soy sauce and place it over rice (which is also easy to cook) and you can have a very lovely lunch or dinner.

Can you still think of other recipes which you think you should learn how to cook when you are in the dorm? Feel free to share your ideas. A lot of people will benefit from your knowledge too.