How to Become a Certified Public Accountant


If you are looking for a great career that will not take you too many years of studying then you should consider becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). CPA’s are high in demand by all business firms and general companies and is your best chances of getting a promotion in your current job. As a CPA you will be able to do office work and work with numbers and exiting financial budgets.
Duties of a CPA
CPA’s can assist professional accountants or can do the administrative functions of a firm. A CPA can even start her own company if she can handle a wide range of different tasks for different companies and have fantastic organizational and promotional skills. The primary responsibilities of a CPA are;

Audit companies financial records
Maintain financial records
Oversees budgets
Financial management
Bookkeeping, government audits, taxis and financial planning duties
Finance organization and administration
Recommend methods to save money
Be part of the decision making team in a companies’ future
How to become a CPA
Wiley’s time saving review course is a five star CPA review program where you can enjoy numerous 20 minute lessons that will help you understand the duties of a CPA better. The course is designed for people that might not have a lot of time to study. These individuals usually include students who are already taking a course and working adults who don’t have the time to attend full time classes. House wives who are planning to re-enter the working environment can also benefit from the classes. The classes are all online so you can attend them from anywhere in the world at a time convenient to you.

Wiley’s online course
The course consists of 110 video lessons where the details about auditing and financial accounting are explained to you in detail. It provides you with 12000 multiple choice questions that will help you learn and remember all there is to know about public accounting. There are 600 task based simulations and a final review crash course for quick learning. You can visit the classroom at any time and also access the courses offline once they are on your flash drive. You can read more about the course from the CPAexcel review.

CPA Excel App
This application allows you to practice in your free time by using flashcards. This visual way of learning can be done from anywhere and will help you remember all there is about CPA better. IT works a lot like a real CPA test and is divided into multiple choice questions that are timed. It is a great way to practice for large examinations.

Once you have completed the CPAExcel course you will be a professional CPA and can find a job in a large firm or perhaps even get a promotion in the company you are working for. CPA is a great way to broaden your current skills and enhance your chances of getting hired by better and more professional Accounting or business firms.