Images – Guidelines and How-To

This is a center-aligned, 300 px-wide sample imageYes, you can attach images in your posts. First, be sure your cursor is in the article where you want the image. If you put the cursor before the first letter in a paragraph, the image will come before the paragraph text. If you left-align the image (see below), the text will wrap the image.

Above the formatting buttons at the top of the Post Edit box (where you’ll be typing your article), you will see “Upload/Insert”. Next to that is a dark box within a light box. Click that, and you will see the Image Upload Dialog Box.

You can upload an image, you can hotlink an image from a URL, or you can use something already on the Media Library:

Uploading From Computer

The Image Upload Dialog Box defaults to “From Computer”.

Click the “Select File” button and select the file you want. Add a caption (include photo credit as appropriate). Set it to the proper size (typically, either Thumbnail (150 x 150) or whatever is closest to 200 pixels in width) and alignment (typically, left).

Description and alt text are optional. Adding these can help raise the search engine rankings of the images, bringing people to your articles. Just be sure the words added are relevant to the image and/or article you’ve written. Be sure to add photo credit to the caption, as appropriate. Example: “Photo:AP/Joe Smith”.

From URL
Click “From URL” at the top of the Image Upload Dialog Box.

Fill in the URL of the image. It’s nice if it is coming from your Photobucket or Flickr account, or That way, we aren’t using some other site’s bandwidth.

Title, caption, location, size, etc. as above. Link to the original image.

From Media Library

This is a right-aligned, thumbnail-sized image!Click “Media Library” at the top of the Image Upload Dialog Box. Go through (or use the Search function) the images to find the one you want. Click “Show” at right of that image.

Other instructions as above.

What about thumbnails for the front page?

A thumbnail image MUST be an uploaded image, either one you’ve uploaded yourself or one already in the Media Library.

It needs to be wider than it is tall.

It does not have to be shown in your article, though it’s nice if it is (continuity).

To set the thumbnail image, scroll below your article text entry box to “Custom Fields”. You will add a new custom field. From the “Name” dropdown box, select “thumbnail”. Then paste the relative address of the image into the “Value” box, and click “Add Custom Field”. That’s all there is to it!

(Full address does not work for thumbnails; you must use the relative address. Instead of, you will paste // instead. The only part you remove is “”.)

Image guidelines:

Please remember that this site is not age-restricted, and is work-friendly. Images which display nudity or obscenity will be censored, deleted, or featured prominently on the front page, depending upon our mood at the moment and how much we like the image.

We’re looking forward to checking out what you want to show us!


I put my cursor in the right spot in the article, but when I put my photo in, it ended up at the top of the page! What gives?

Frankly, we haven’t figured out why that happens. But sometimes, it does. Yes, it IS annoying.

If you’re using the Visual editor (do you see a bunch of HTML code as you’re writing? No? You’re using the Visual editor), switch to the HTML editor. Go right from the Upload/Insert text, all the way to the right-hand side of the post entry area, and click the “HTML” tab (to the right of the “Visual” tab).

Find the code for your image. Highlight the whole thing. Cut it (CTRL-X). Move your cursor to the proper location. Paste it. (CTRL-V).

All better.

I put an image in at the beginning of my article, and left-aligned it. There are two paragraphs next to it, but it has run them into one, even though I added multiple “returns” in the editor!

Yeah, it will do that now and then. Again, unpredictably.

Using the HTML editor, add two hard breaks where the paragraph break is supposed to be. <_br_> <_br_> (Remove the underscores.)

Update. All fixed.