Leading Illinois governor candidate supports Creationism in classroom


State Senator Bill Brady, Republican candidate for Governor of Illinois, announced last week that he would not prevent the teaching of Creationism in publicly-funded schools. This week, he holds the lead in the four-way race.
In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Brady commented that he would not stand in the way of a public school board that wished to teach Creationism as science. “I believe knowledge is power, and I believe local school districts should establish the curriculum when it comes to those things,” said Brady.

When quizzed further on his views on Intelligent Design, Brady responded with what is rapidly becoming the safe answer for politicians. “My knowledge and my faith leads me to believe in both evolution and creationism,” explained Brady. “I believe God created the earth, and it evolved.”

Within the wide-ranging interview, Brady also explained that he opposes civil unions for gay/lesbian people, opposes legalizing marijuana for medical purposes, opposes any expansion of abortion freedoms, and would like to lift an existing moratorium on executions.

The full interview, in streaming video, may be seen on the Chicago Sun-Times’ website.

While his major opponent, Democratic Governor Pat Quinn, thinks that Brady’s views are not what the majority of voters in Illinois want, this week’s poll results seem to paint a different picture.

A Rasmussen Reports poll of 750 likely voters, conducted October 12, found Brady leading the four-candidate pack with 46% of the vote. Quinn comes in second at 40%. The remainder is divided between Independent Scott Lee Cohen (4%), Green Party candidate Rich Whitney (2%), and “other/undecided” (8%).