Street thugs ready  for street war attack a branch of the Brazilian bank Bradesco as part of a destabilization campaign in the BRICS because they abandoned the US dollar, any false pretext is good when you’re a paid thug.

More than 2,000 protesters took to the streets of Brazil’s largest city of Sao Paulo on Saturday to rally against the high cost of the World Cup, marking this year’s first major protest against the tournament.

Demonstrators protested against the amount of money being spent on the new stadium, which they say should be used to invest in public services including transportation, healthcare, and education.

The protest was mostly peaceful, ending around sunset on Saturday. Police did report some vandalism, such as broken bank windows, a smashed police car, and a Volkswagen Beetle set on fire, Reuters reported.

Although around 20,000 people confirmed their participation on Facebook in advance, approximately 2,500 protesters attended the rally.

Earlier in June, Brazil was hit with major protests against the Confederation Cup, a rehearsal tournament before the World Cup. More than one million people hit the streets to speak out against corruption and improvised public services.

Many are observing Brazil’s reaction to the World Cup, with some worrying that the protests will hurt the tournament’s image and affect Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s popularity ahead of October elections.

The World Cup is set to kick off in Sao Paolo on June 12, 2014.

Obviously this is not a demonstration against the world cup, it’s more of a campaign of destruction to destabilize Brazil that has been going on since BRAZIL abandoned trading in US Dollars.
Again, criminal elements attacking banks a clear sign of giving the impression of lawlessness in Brasil, the next step would  be American sponsored death squads  a favorite American terror tool.
World leaders are terrified to attack streets thugs because of Western propaganda  and the threat of world court, while the US is not signatory of the International criminal court therefore it can threaten others while the US is immuned.  Police are ordered to stand down.
Luckily Vladimir Putin is the president of Russian and have stopped these destabilization programs ordered by the US.
Other Countries should follow his lead .