Russian women know how


This was during my second business trip to Moscow in 2005.1 had been there a few months ago. Most adjectives known to man in any language fall inadequately short of fully describing the beauty and appeal of Russian women. Walking down the streets of Moscow, one has to try hard to find a woman – young or old – who is not a sex goddess or a supermodel incarnate. Discount my personal bias and you still have a steamy lot. Well, back to my story, before leaving home in Dubai, I was checking out furnished apartments to rent in Moscow since I was going to be there for a while.

Browsed various listings and photographs and finally decided to settle for a duplex studio in the heart of the city, close to the Red Square, furnished in “European style” or “Evro Remont” as they call it. It was owned by a woman named Marina and we closed negotiations at $2000 for a month’s lease on the phone. I reached Moscow the following morning and called her on my way to the city from the airport. It was a Sunday morning in November and the winter’s first snow had fallen only the night before. Everything was covered with a white blanket.

This and the minus 6 degrees temperature outside was beginning to take its effect on me. combined with my mesmerizing first trip earlier in the year was creating a stirring inside me. I was to start work the following morning and had the whole day to kill. I was wondering if I was going to get lucky today. Sex for cash is available in Moscow like one buys groceries – available everywhere and one can pick and choose what to buy. But that’s not a turn on – lacks passion and is more mechanical and humdrum – slam bam thank you ma’am.

I was hoping to get laid out of seduction. What I did not know was that destiny had more in store for me in Russia. Marina answered her phone and told me she’ll be at the apartment in half an hour and gave the driver directions to the apartment. We drove into the porch 40 minutes later and I got out and stepped into the lobby to find a middle aged woman sitting there on a couch. She seemed to be in her late thirties or early forties, fair, flawless skin. She was about 5 feet 6. well endowed in the right places, but not plump. I looked at her and she nodded back in confirmation – not a bad start I told myself. We exchanged greetings and she led the way up to the 10th floor apartment I was renting.

As I stepped into the studio, my doubts of having settled for an expensive deal flew right out of those tall French windows. It was done in white with modern furnishings. A spiral staircase in the far corner led up to the bedroom. The ground floor had the living room, bath and an open kitchen. The outside wall was lined with tall French windows that opened onto the Volga River that lazily drifts through Moscow, and there was the side road running alongside.

Satisfied, I handed over half the money to Marina as agreed and thanked her. She made polite conversation by asking me the purpose of my visit to Moscow, what business was I in. She seemed to be ready to leave after the basic introductions earlier, but as we got talking she offered to make coffee to which I readily agreed. As she made coffee. I sat down on the sofa and took off my heavy winter clothes to wind down a bit. She came back and handed me my mug and sat across. Before sitting, she took off her fur coat, revealing her true self. Not bad at all, I told myself while looking at her now and then. She was wearing a tight pink sweater and skin fit jeans. By any standards. Marina was an attractive woman – having seen the best of British, Lebanese and South African women in Dubai in the last year I had lived there. During our conversation she asked me if I was married and I told her I wasn’t. I bounced the same question to her and she told me she was divorced and had an 8 year old boy.

This apartment was given to her by her father before he passed away. She had a second apartment in the suburbs where she stayed with her son and ageing mother. Coffee finished and she offered to show me around and climbed the stairs which led into the bedroom – as well done as the rest of the place. While I was keeping my hopes alive, I decided not to rush things and instead test the waters. So far so good; and I decided to let this be for a while.

Marina was ready to leave after this and checked if I had registered myself at the Foreigner Registration Office. I had not, and she asked for my passport and visa so she could get it done. I gladly handed over the documents and asked her if there would be charge so I could pay her the money. She said yes there is and she usually takes cash, but in my case “I’ll be happy if you will buy me a drink”. Tiger started rumbling inside my jeans. She left, giving me her card with her home address.

I spent the rest of the day sleeping and exploring the area around the apartment on foot. While strolling around, I came across an English pub – Molly Gwynne’s and decided it was going to be our rendezvous. The work week started with the usual meetings, number crunching and proposals with customers and it was Tuesday evening when Marina called to say my FRO registration was done and she’d come over the next evening to return my passport. The following day went by with good progress at work, interspaced with random thoughts of what lay ahead for me in bed. Thoughts of how much seed will I have planted and in how many women of this country by the time I left. Wrong again – things were to be different. I wrapped up and returned to the studio around 7, made myself a drink, settled down on the sofa and flicked on the TV. The door bell rang after half an hour and I answered it to see Marina at the door – looking even better with a new hairdo and long leather boots covering those legs.

She came in and handed over my passport and I offered her a drink. She accepted but wanted to go out for it. And so we did. We walked through the snow covered pavements, down to Molly Gwynne’s and she expressed mild surprise that I knew where we were headed. Drinks were ordered and we talked of mundane things – the weather, Russia’s topsyturvy past, its fixation with Europe, and it finally veered to relationships. She asked me my side of the story and I told her in limited detail of various relationships I had with women during my time in Bombay and Dubai over the last few years, and that I was now engaged and due to marry soon. Marina told me she was 38 and had divorced her husband eight years ago, shortly before she gave birth to his child. Didn’t enquire why, didn’t want to know. We were sitting at the bar on high stools partly turned towards each other. Our conversation kept flowing and our knees kept hitting each other as we swung on the bar stools.

I had expected her to have her 2 drinks and leave in an hour or so, but she surprised me by staying longer, and keeping it to 3 drinks. It was close to midnight when we left the pub and I asked her if she was hungry. She gave me that flirtatious look before saying yes, let’s eat. So we popped into a McDonalds and had a quick bite. After dinner, Marina said she had better be on her way home so I offered to walk her to the metro station which we passed by while strolling to the pub. As we walked, I noticed she was walking closer and we rubbed against each other a few times accidentally, mindful of it but not minding it. We reached the station, she shook my hand while leaving but kept holding it in her soft and warm hands for those extra lingering seconds before letting go. End of day four – good progress made without having to do much. I slept peacefully and contended.

Thursday came and went and things at work slowed down by Friday afternoon. All work in Moscow comes to a halt by 4 pm on Fridays and until Monday afternoon. Muscovites love their vodka, party late into the night and know how to make merry. Coming from Mumbai / Dubai where everything’s about work, this seemed odd and unprofessional to me. I was forced to come back to the apartment earlier than usual and out of disappointment I ended up calling Marina and telling her how I felt about this. As I was speaking, I heard her chuckle at first and then break into laughter over how I was reacting. I learned this was typical of Russia so decades now.

The cold weather has a lot to do with this, as is the national thirst for Vodka and lust for night life. She asked what my weekend plans were and I had nothing to say. I did have a few friends around, but what was shaping up here seemed better. Marina invited me to her house for dinner which delighted me, but I accepted it politely without sounding overjoyed. I was about to hang-up when she asked me how would I come to which I answered “taxi”. She asked my why in a remonstrating voice and suggested I take the metro which would take half the time and cost a tenth of the taxi fare. I told her I was unfamiliar and didn’t know my way to her house from the station. She took care of that by saying she’ll meet me at the station. This wasn’t the typical tenant-landlady or guest-host relationship. Marina was coming across as more of a friend or companion – calling up once a day to check on me, going out for drinks, helping out, and finally inviting me home. She was 38, Russian, divorced with a kid. I was 28, Indian; single, on a business trip and renting her studio.

The answer was obvious, and also equally oblivious. I decided to speak to her about this on a casual note when the opportunity arose for more than one reason. One, I was not about to get into a relationship as I was due to marry in a few months. Two, I wanted to be sure of what’s on her mind so I did not end up at a dead end later or worse, get kicked out of the studio for being a “lout”! I have a very loving mother and also have my fair share of platonic female friends – so no more room for another motherly figure or “we’re-just-good-friends-who-never-thought-of-ending-up-in-bed-one-night” types.

I got off the train, came up to ground level and saw Marina standing behind a pillar outside. I went up to her; we exchanged smiles in greeting and began walking to her house. Again, I noticed her walk close to me and this time even slung her arm around mine a couple of times as if driven by the cold – she wasn’t wearing an overcoat, only a sweater and jacket – probably because her house was close by. We reached the house and she introduced me to her son and mother as the new guest from India and a “kharasho” (nice) man. Well! Her mother was in her late 70’s and not very active – just about managed to take care of the house and her grandson Alex who was 8. Marina also had a day job as a Yoga instructor at the ISKCON Centre in the city. This came as a surprise since she hadn’t mentioned this earlier – her mother did. So that more or less explained her friendliness – like many Russians, she was heavily into Indian culture and so her inclination to an Indian guest was nothing extra-ordinary. But then my thoughts went back to the time and conversations at Molly Gwynne are, walking with Marina and the unspoken feelings that seemed to be coming through. Was my personal mission for this trip making me read too much between the lines or was there something really out there. It got too complicated and I dismissed it for a while and told myself I’d figure this out later. With this new information ‘thrown’ at me by her mom, I sobered up and maintained neutral and polite behavior that would be expected of a guest. Marina served dinner fairly soon – going by Russian custom, there should have been a round of vodka or cognac followed by dinner. Plus it was only 8 in the evening! Nonetheless, we ate and over dinner I chatted with the three of them. In between, I would see flashes of red showing me what a fool I had been to misinterpret Marina’s behavior and ending up on a weekend eve at this family home for dinner, when I could have been out and about with my friends or even just by myself, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of Moscow and putting my new camera to some good work.

We got done with dinner and came to sit in the living room for a bit. I was making idle chat with Alex and his grandma when Marina asked me if she could accompany me back to the studio in case I wasn’t sure of the way. It was a little over 9 and so this offer still did not spark optimism in me. I told her that would be good and she asked for a few minutes to clean up and put her son and mom to bed. I offered to help with the cleaning up and followed her into the kitchen. We chit chatted as we cleaned up and then she tucked her family in, got dressed and said let’s go. We left the house and came out into the biting cold, walking on fresh snow towards the station. The sky was clear and I loved the crisp fragrant winter air in my nostrils. The train came, we boarded it and got off at the station and took the escalator up. Marina lost balance while getting on and instinctively grabbed my arm to break her fall. As we walked out I offered her a drink back at Molly Gwynne’s. Her acceptance brought a smile to my face and we headed for the pub and ordered vodka. Seeing this as a good time, I asked her the reason for her friendliness. She must have been expecting this question and answered softly but to the point – “most men I meet try to sleep with me when they find out I am single and there is no man in the household. You’re the first one in a long time who didn’t hit on me so I decided it’s alright. I want to go out with men, but end up not doing so since I hate the idea of ending up in bed after a first encounter. It is illogical and stupid – I’m not in my teens anymore to be doing such stuff.” This covered good grounds and answered my questions very well. Tiger acts up again and I turn away from Marina and face the bar counter to keep her from noticing. She smiles and looks away – probably understood.

I asked her how much time she had before she had to head home, to which she answered “two days”. I liked the way she said so much in so less a word. But just to be sure, I asked her where she was headed after this. She answered back saying her brother comes on Saturday mornings and her mother and son go away with him to spend the weekend with his wife and children; and she usually goes over to her childhood friend’s place on Friday nights and spends the weekend with her. “But I have no plans of going to her place tonight.” Cutting to the chase and longing for the comfort of the studio, I asked her if she would like to go back with me. She answered in the affirmative, I paid for the drinks and we walked out, back into the cold winter air. A light snowfall had set in and the flakes made a crushing sound under our shoes as we walked. I felt Marina’s hand on my hand a few steps down the street and soon her fingers intertwined with mine. We stepped into the studio and I was about to release my hand to flick on the light switch when she tightened her grip and looked me in the eye. I pulled her close and kissed her luscious lips and tasted the strawberry flavored pink lip color she was wearing. She responded to my kiss and we lingered like that in the doorway for a while. These few minutes had been magical and we still had 2 days ahead of us. I was to be proved wrong again here very soon. I broke the embrace, switched on the light, shut the door against the cold, and led her in. We took of our overcoats and shoes and I settled in on the sofa. Marina went upstairs to the bedroom and came down in a few minutes wearing only her skirt and shirt, minus all the inner woolens. She came and sat down next to me and put her hand on my thigh. I put my right arm around her waist and pulled her towards me and she came and sat on my lap, facing me with her legs around me. Her skirt lifted up and revealed her creamy white legs up to her knees. We kissed and embraced and I could feel her breasts against my chest – full, firm and soft. The kissing became passionate and I entered her mouth with my tongue to feel her moistness and tongue. She responded by sucking my tongue and I tasted her fragrant and sweet wetness. Her hands were behind my head and my hands were on her back. I slid my hands under her shirt and felt her skin which made us both go mad and have go at each other with renewed hunger. Her hair was loose and all over my face and I could smell the perfume of her shampoo still fresh probably from this morning.

This went on for about half an hour and by the end of it. Marina was sitting tight against me on my lap and my face was buried in her wonderful breasts. I just loved the smell of her body mixed with her deodorant – very erotic and feminine. At this point we got up from the sofa and I lifted her – one arm behind her knees and the other behind her back – and walked up the staircase to the bedroom. I laid her down on the bed, stripped to my shorts and crept into bed next to her and started to undress her slowly and kissing her at the same time. I took off her shirt first to see her wondrous breasts in a white lace bra – noticed the tag which said Victoria’s Secret – her taste for good lingerie heightened my interest and was to add to the satisfaction later on. I left her bra in place and crept down to her feet and slid my hands under her skirt to touch her legs – soft, creamy, white, not a strand of hair. Her feet were dainty and well-shaped with toe-nails painted silver. Her skin was so white that my hands left red impressions wherever I pressed her legs. I moved up to her knees and kissed her behind them – a place I find extremely erotic on a woman’s body, the others being the place just below the armpits and on the side of the breasts, as well as the nape and skin behind the ears. And my experience tells me a woman also loves to be touched and licked behind the ears and below the armpits – sure to drive them wild. I began moving up to her silky smooth thighs and kissed them all over and eventually reached close to her love hole. I could smell her musky odor coming forth. At this point I took off her skirt and bra and put them down beside the bed. I lay down next to her and pulled her over me. Her legs were against mine and she put her feet against mine in a manner that said she wanted every part of me felt against every part of her. We kissed again and I massaged her back and buttocks and found out that she would get extremely aroused if I rubbed the last vertebra at the top of the partition between her buttocks – she started moaning and her kissing became more passionate to the point of being violent. She slid off me to the side. I took off my shorts and came on top of her and started kissing her from the forehead, down to her cheeks and neck. Licked her behind the ears and drove her wilder; then came back to her throat and kissed all the way down to her breasts.

I took her left nipple in my mouth and started to suck gently on it. She moaned again and I massaged her right breast with my hand, and she moaned even more. Then gave the same treatment to her right breast with my mouth and left one with the hand. All along I couldn’t help noticing her rich, soft and flawless skin – not a spot or a freckle anywhere. It felt like cream and ivory rolled into one. I took my kissing to her abdomen and then down to the stomach. I put the point of my tongue into her navel and kissed it there – one more erotic spot discovered – Marina almost doubled up out of arousal as soon as I put my tongue into her navel, and I had to keep her down on the bed with my hands. I moved further down to just below her stomach and above her crotch and kissed her there from left to right. And then… I went down and spread her legs to reveal a perfectly hairless pussy with pink lips. Putting my mouth there filled my nose with the strong but sweet odor of her juices which had started to trickle out now. I explored the folds of her lips to find the clitoris and rolled my tongue around it – her pelvis jerked violently a couple of times and muffled cries of “ughhh ughhh” escaped her lips as I started licking and sucking her clitoris. She gripped my back with her legs and my erect penis shot up to breaking point at the touch of her pink heels and soft and shapely calves along my back. I saw her toes stretched and spread out far apart with excitement. Her thighs were wrapped around my neck and shoulders and she was pressing them together as she moaned, with her back arched. I brought my hands to her love handles from below her thighs for support and asked her to release the pressure between her thighs so I could get some space to continue my cunnilingus. Her dit had grown in size and that made it easier to suck and lick. I moved away from there and began licking her cunt lips which were now wet with her juices. The juices were had a soft sourness but become more and more delicious as their tasted mingled with the taste of her skin. My licking became faster and passionate and I parted her lips with my fingers and slid my tongue inside her wet pink love hole. Marina let out a loud shriek and I felt her thighs again tighten around the sides of my head. I was gasping for air so I stretched my hands over my head and held her hands. She immediately relaxed and loosened her grip around my head and let me carry on. My tongue was exploring her soft insides and I could feel her soft mushy flesh; it drove me and Tiger to crazy heights of ecstasy.

I inserted my middle finger inside to look for her g-spot and found it far inside along the front portion. It felt different in her – a round patch of flesh, not too wet and a furry surface. I massaged it with my finger and Marina started twisting and writhing on the bed. She gripped my arm and her fingers dug into my flesh and gave me a pain I just loved. I continued massaging her g-spot in a circular fashion and she suddenly arched her back, jerked her crotch and shouted my name in a loud shout that faded to a whisper, and at the same time, shot out warm spurts of her love juice. I had brought her to her first climax in 4 years (she told me that later). Her cunt filled with juices again and they had smeared my hand and her cunt lips.

She took my finger in her mouth and wiped it clean with her lips and tongue. I licked her love hole and cunt lips till dry of all her juices and loved their clean look. Marina had a mixed expression of satisfaction and hunger on her face and she reached down for my face to pull me up. We kissed again and again the taste of her own juices in my mouth drove her to ecstasy. She even licked my face clean and then hugged me tight and told me she hadn’t had so much fun in 4 years. For a while we lay in bed naked and her head was on my chest and she kissed my nipples off and on; and her legs between mine. She reached down for my penis and balls and massaged them with her soft manicured hands.

This gave me a hard on again and I swung back into action to complete my head-to-toe journey of her body. I began kissing her at the v-shaped joint where the crotch and the thighs come together on either sides of the pussy. This was a teaser for her and she began to moan again. I gradually went down and licked and kissed her inner thighs, knees and the rest of her magnificent legs. The best part of her shapely legs was the slender bone at the back, above her heels and behind her ankles. Her legs blossomed from that slender bone into the full shapely calves just perfectly and one look at those legs would have made the most impotent of men horny in no time. I caressed her there with my lips and tongue and licked her all over her calves and shin. Her pink toes and carefully painted silver toe-nails augmented her sex appeal and drove me mad to the point that I licked every toe on both her feet. Russian women know how to maintain themselves and better, how to prepare ahead for a night of passion. Marina’s toes and pussy seemed to give off a fragrance – I asked her about it later and she responded with a smile and said it was her little secret. I let her keep it.

We had been at it for over 2 hours now, so decided to take a break and prolong the fun. She offered to make some coffee and we went down to the kitchen with not a strip of cloth on. As she walked ahead of me I saw her in her full glory for the first time; and the realization of her magnificence hit me like a punch in the face. She looked glorious, almost regal without clothes on and her reddish brown hair accented her skin color. Her white heels turned pink as blood rushed in when she placed them on the carpet to walk. I felt blessed to be in bed with Marina.

She probably sensed me lustily leeching at her and turned around and asked me what I was looking at. It was a question that did not need an answer and we climbed down to the kitchen. I helped her by switching on the kettle and stood behind her, taking in the perfume of her hair. She sensed it and pushed her rump back into my penis. She made the coffee and we climbed back into our love nest. I lit up a cigarette to go with the coffee and she asked for one as well. We sipped coffee and smoked together and got into a conversation about life in Dubai. She knew the fact that Russian women are seen merely as whores in Dubai thanks to the recent past when Dubai was the destination for them to go make a year’s worth of money in two months and come back. It was past midnight and we looked outside – the snow had stopped and Marina, reading my thoughts, asked me if I was up to talking a walk.

We got dressed and stepped out again into the crisp cold air and walked around Volga till the bridge up ahead and turned around and then walked up till Molly Gwynne’s which was bustling with Friday night revelers. I looked at the men there and pitied them for they could not imagine the pleasure I was getting; they were the unlucky souls who just had to settle for the mundane drinks with average Russian women in a usual city pub, and feel contented with it. My thoughts veered to Marina’s ex-husband – what a “stupid fucker* he must have been, to have let go of this intelligent, sensuous woman.

The atmosphere was electric – the snow on the streets and colorful vibrant neon signs in the shop windows. We passed by a “Klubby* – street side casinos found all over Moscow – lined with slot machines and refrigerators stocked with beer. Stepped in for a quick round at the machines and downed a beer each, and then stepped back into the street and kept walking till we reached Tverskaya street – Moscow’s answer to Champs-Elysées – the high street of luxury and fashion, lined with branded stores, cafes, pubs and eclectic restaurants – and kept walking till the Red Square. It was 2 a.m. but the place was full of people walking, standing, drinking, eating, smoking or just standing.

As we stood in the center, Marina came around to face me and I instinctively pulled her closer and we kissed for a long time. The thrill of making out in the open with people around, and with an eye-candy as Marina by my side was exhilarating. I began to enjoy the stares people gave us, especially from young Russian men who I imagined turning green with jealousy after one look at Marina. Passion rekindled and we took a taxi to rush back to the studio and pick up from where we left. I had not imagined in my wildest dreams of spending my first weekend this way. It was getting better by the minute. Back in bed, Marina slid down on me and took my penis in her hands.

She told me to lie back and enjoy and not worry about ejaculating inside her mouth – it was her turn to return the favor now, and it had been a while since she had tasted cum. She licked the head of my penis and that sent shockwaves throughout my body. I tried to pace myself down by dismissing the aura I had built up in my mind about her, so as not to cum prematurely. She took my penis in her mouth and squeezed her lips around it. The inside of her mouth felt warm, moist and soft and she started to roll her tongue around my head and then gradually took the full length of my penis inside and started to give me the perfect blowjob. I could not believe my ears -1 was moaning and that too loudly, care thrown to the winds. I began massaging the back of her head and ears as Marina went up and down on my penis. She must have been equally aroused as I felt droplets of her cum dripping on my legs while she was at it. I came and I came with a bang. I pulled her over me and kissed her on the lips which I had earlier licked clean of all the lip gloss and were in their natural inviting pink.

Marina lay down on her back and I came up over her, spread her legs apart and she pushed a pillow under her lower back. I put my penis over her clitoris and massaged her with it. Her dit swelled up again in no time and she was letting out gasps laden with anticipation. Her pussy was wet and I gently pushed my penis inside.

She wasn’t as tight as a virgin, but fairly tight for a 38 year old woman. It took a bit of pushing before I managed to get my head inside. She let out a shriek and asked me to go easy and slow. It was painful for me but more for her. So I let my penis stay that way for a while and massaged her clit with my finger. And then began to gently push in. The finger massage lubricated her love hole more and it helped me to enter her more. Gradually I went in all the way till my entire shaft disappeared insider and I could feel her wet soft flesh all around it. Marina’s arms were flailing in between attempts to pull the sheets, bite the pillow and pulling at my arms.

I began stroking in and out in short gentle stroked, keeping most of my shaft inside her to get her used to it. This brought her to a frantic ecstasy and she began to move her pelvis in rhythm with my strokes. I could feel the mouth of her cunt loosen its grip a wee b it and took it as the sign to escalate my short movements to full blooded strokes. And so I did – began to gently stroke her all the way in and then out till only my head remained inside; and then all the way with a gentle stroke. I felt closing in on climax at one point and slowed down my pace but kept the strokes full length. By now Marina was panting with eyes closed and seemed to be asking for more by pushing herself towards me. Once down to normal, I began pounding her with all the energy I had, and in complete strokes all the way in and out. Her shrieks turned into moans and then shouts, “come on baby, give it to me. Give it to me now; fuck me like a whore, ummmmm ummmmmm aaaaahhhhhhh, cummmmm onnnnnn”. We were running a sweat despite a minus 6 cold outside and I could feel our crotches heating up beyond being just warm. I paced down for a b it again and then resumed pounding her with all my energy.

The bedroom was filled with sounds of thump thump thump as our bodies collided and broke apart and then collided again. I put Marina’s legs on my shoulders and felt her cunt’s grip on my penis tighten. We kept going and finally Marina began aahhh aaaahhh aaaaaahhh aaaaaaaahhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh – she had climaxed and I was close to mine. I kept going and finally came a few seconds later and shot a b ig load of cum inside her. Once over, I slumped over Marina and she embraced me; my face nestled between her soft and sweating breasts. Loved the aroma of her sweat. Soon I moved up and buried my face in the pillow next to her face and slid off her.

We were still hugging when I felt warm drops fall near my lips – they tasted salty – Marina’s eyes were full but she wasn’t crying. I guessed as much but still asked her why. All she said was “I haven’t made love this way in a very long time and I wish that…” and then stopped short of completing the sentence. Eloquent silence – it gave her away. It was 5 in the morning and the day was about to break. Two days lay ahead of us and I decided to let her sort this out herself first and keep quiet till we woke up. We slept peacefully after this, exhausted by the love-making. Marina snuggled up beside me and dozed off and I followed her.

We woke up in the afternoon and I had a chat with Marina about last night. I was pleasantly surprised that she was over it and back to her usual self. But just as a reassurance for me and for her, I asked her if emotions were creeping in at her end. She nodded to say yes but clarified that she firmly believes in the saying “out of sight is out of mind” so nothing to worry. I felt sad at her lonely life and that she had to look out of home for companionship and satisfaction.

But then, each one to his own. We decided to enjoy our time together without thinking too much and that’s what we did for the next 2 days – sex, coffee, alcohol, smoke, food, walks, Molly Gwynne’s – one after the other, again and again. Monday morning saw me going back to work and Marina to her house. During the week she came over twice and we made out in the living room on the carpet. Surprisingly, it felt as good as the first time. We were both waiting for the approaching weekend. Friday evening she came over to the studio holding 2 bags.

She saw the question mark written all over my face and jumped at me in excitement. Her son’s winter break had started and he was leaving the following morning with her mother, for her brother’s dacha (farmhouse) in the countryside for a whole month. She had decided to move in with me till the end of my stay! Nothing could have made me happier then and we spent the rest of the three weeks like true lovers. The November of 2005 was one of life’s most memorable periods for me, something that won’t ever be repeated. I live in Dubai and solicit interest from women over 40 who live in this country, and appreciate the meaning of no-strings attached encounters.