The Whale is Saved!


Good news for anyone who feared the Rhine in Bonn had lost it’s ‘Whale’. ‘Moby Dick’ is due back in service next week.

It wasn’t Captain Ahab that was almost it’s downfall but A Dutch Oil-tanker. The Motorboat ‘Moby Dick’ might be shaped like a whale, but it was far from the largest ‘fish in the sea’ and with its mere 220 tonnes and 45 metre length it was no match for an oil-tanker weighing 3000 tonnes. The accident last November led to little Moby being almost written off.

Double repair shifts since then though by the owners have managed to put the shine back in its lamps (eyes?) and next week Moby should be back giving the Rhine a touch of humour and tourists a touch of style.

Built in Oberkassel the ‘MS Moby Dick’ has been meandering up and down the Rhine between Bonn and Koblenz since 1976. It’s three six-cylinder motors chugging along to carry a maximum of 496 passengers in it’s ‘belly’. At the time of going to press Captain Ahab was not available for comment.