What’s in it for me?

e’re glad you asked!

We have a number of benefits to offer you:

Exposure: We have a solid and growing readership. Secular News Daily presently averages 1,200 unique visitors daily. Alexa.com estimates 57% of our traffic is based in the United States, with substantial percentages from Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Secular News Daily also offers placement of all articles on newsnow.co.uk, the UK’s largest news aggregator site.

We provide an author bio box on every article, in which we’re happy for you to include a link to your own blog or favorite website.

This is a great way for a journalist or columnist to build a portfolio of published work and establish a name, a style, and a reputation within your area of interest.

Freedom to Write: You want to write. You aren’t interested in site-building. Even using a hosted blogging platform like blogspot.com, you have to make your site look the way you want. If you start a self-hosted site, you pay for hosting, and take on the technical responsibilities of managing a site. We do that for you, so you can focus on your writing.

Editing: If you write for us, we will edit your work for you. Some authors require little editing. Others we’ve worked with find great benefit in our review; their edited columns or news stories express their ideas more clearly. You want to shine, and we want you to shine!

By writing for us, you’ll get low-pressure experience with the author/editor relationship — something you will experience throughout your writing career.

Fun! You get to raise awareness and shape public opinion on matters of great importance to our collective futures. You can start exciting discussions, and add your voice to calls to keep religion where it belongs — in houses of worship, not the halls of power. What could be more fun than that? (Stop looking at me like that.)

So, why haven’t you sent us an email yet?