Would I be much better off dead? (Likely by way of a rough time. Quite possibly likely to prison)


I’m 22 male. I used to be a fairly wealthy internet marketer and was living it up last 12 months. At the really finish of 2010 (Dec 28th to be exact) it all went down hill following I was arrested by the FBI for pc fraud for stealing advert area back in 2008. I put in all of my dollars shorly before so I picked up a task at AT&ampT as a wireless revenue associate. In August of this year I plead guilty to the expenses and my boss identified out and had to let me go.

I now have no cash, no task, and cannot uncover a single because of to my felony conviction. I have only had a number of interviews, neither 1 I got accepted for. I’ve experimented with almost everything from rapidly meals to IT jobs. I come to feel so hopeless.

I also never been in a real relationship. My enjoy interest stopped talking to me simply because I accused her, but yet another reason was simply because I’m also unfavorable. I have buddies and household, and they are the only ones retaining me sane. But I don’t want to be also dependent because that’s unattractive.

My sentencing is this month, and I am afraid of heading to jail. I only weigh 112lbs. Far more than likely ill go to a federal camp, so I’m not much too a lot in dread of violence but it can nonetheless take place because its jail. I also am frightened of what will transpire when I get out. I’m scared all of my close friends will forget about about me, and will transfer on. The guidelines say I am looking at about 2yrs give or consider a few months. I am not good at making brand new pals, all of my friends are via one or 2 mutual close friends.

Is there any hope? I do not care to be super wealthy and common, but I want to be content. I want to have a excellent center course cash flow with a very good wife when I get older. But aspect of me thinks there is certainly no hope.

Would it be much better for me to just kill myself? If not, what can I do to boost my existence and make the best out of the predicament.